TM4B Bulk SMS Gateway

Inbound Number Support

To receive SMS from mobile users in Sweden, you can use our Swedish virtual mobile numbers.

You can lease a dedicated Swedish virtual number or, through keywords, use our shared virtual mobile number +46 (0) 769 43 62 43.

Please note that our Swedish virtual numbers are intended to receive SMS from mobile users in Sweden. There is a high chance that they will not receive verification SMS or SMS sent from other countries.

Receiving Options

At a basic level, all of the SMS that you receive will be delivered to your SMS Inbox and can be forwarded to you by email. For more advanced handling, we can forward your SMS to your server through a webhook.


I have found tm4b's customer support professional, responsive and focused around my needs.

Although I sense they deal with a great number of people, they have always offered me a personal service, with a named contact who always answers emails.

The web front end is elegant and designed for usability. I have found the API usable and well documented, and the ticket based support system is efficient.

Ian Grant Lecturer in Digital Arts, Thames Valley University