TM4B Bulk SMS Gateway

Supported Networks

  • 0700 Sverige AB
  • 3 (Hi3G Access AB)
  • 42 Telecom AB
  • 42 Telecom LTD
  • ACN Communications
  • Alltele Foretag Sverige AB (f.d.Ventelo Sverige AB)
  • Alltele LDA
  • Animatele Inc.
  • BM Sverige AB
  • Bahnhof AB
  • Beepsend AB
  • CLX Networks AB
  • Campuz Mobile AB
  • Cell Mobile AB
  • Cellip AB
  • CoolTEL ApS
  • DGC Access AB
  • Devicom AB
  • Digitel Mobile Srl
  • Djuice Mobile Sweden
  • EasyTelecom i Stockholm AB
  • EuTel AB
  • First New Media Scandinavia AB
  • Fogg Mobile AB
  • Freshbody Sweden
  • Generic Mobile Systems Sweden AB
  • Glocalnet Scandinavia AB
  • Gotalandsnatet AB
  • Horisen AG
  • Infobip Ltd.
  • IntJoors Sverige AB
  • Interactive digital media GmbH
  • Internet Payment Exchange AB
  • Limitless Mobile AB (f.d. Telogic AB, LUDO Mobil AB)
  • Lindholmen Science Park
  • Loxytel AB
  • Lycamobile Sweden Ltd
  • Megaphone AB
  • Mercury International Carrier Services
  • Mobil2 Sverige AB
  • Mobile Arts AB
  • Mobiweb Ltd
  • Mundio Mobile (Sweden)
  • Net at Once Sweden AB
  • Netett Sverige AB
  • Netnet AS
  • NextGen Mobile Ltd
  • Optimal Telecom Sverige
  • Phone Family AB
  • Phonera Foretag AB
  • Pro Net Telecommunications Services Ltd.
  • Qall Telecom AB
  • ReWiCom Scandinavia AB
  • RebTel Networks AB
  • SSTNet Sverige AB
  • Spinbox AB
  • Spirius AB
  • Spring Mobil AB
  • Svensk Konsumentmobil AB
  • Svenska Tele i Lidkoping AB
  • SwedfoneNet AB
  • TDC Sverige AB
  • TelaVox AB
  • Tele2 Sverige AB
  • Telecom3 Sverige AB
  • Teledigit Scand. AB
  • Telenor Connexion AB
  • Telenor Sverige AB
  • TeliaSonera Sverige AB
  • Teligoo AB
  • Timepiece-Servicos De Consultoria Lda
  • Truphone Ltd.
  • UNO Telefoni AB
  • Unicorn Telecom AB
  • Uno Trafik AB (f.d.Svea Billing System AB)
  • Vanso GmbH
  • Voxbone SA
  • Weblink IP Phone AB
  • Wifog AB
  • iCentrex Sweden AB
  • iMEZ AB (Wireless Maingate AB)

Sending Features

When sending SMS to Sweden, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Any Language
  • Any Length
  • Fast Delivery
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Dynamic Sender ID
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Receive Replies
  • Number Validation
  • Expiry Date/Time

We've been using TM4B for a while now and it really works well, and at a competitive price.

Our members are very impressed with the fact that you can personalise each message with the recipient name, which adds a nice touch, and as an administrator I like the ease of set up and broadcast.

We've only had to contact support once so far and the response was very fast.

All in all we're very impressed and will definitely recommend the services to others who may need the same kind of SMS functionality.

Nigel Powell | Member @ Sahaja Yoga

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